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We’ve been flat out this week getting things ready, showing off James’ completed Postie and doing interviews for The Land, Armidale Express and Prime News.

James’ Postie is now mostly complete with only the wiring up of his light bar and a back rest on the tool box needed (so we don’t break our backs on the corrugations). The panniers are one of main features of James’ Postie, they have been custom made to fit our posties with a couple of internal pockets and two external pockets; after looking them over we’re confident they’ll be able to hold up to the conditions ahead. The other unique feature of James Postie is the LED light bar that he’s fitted above the headlight, he will have wired up so he can either have the headlight or the light bar on at a time giving us a choice of how we’ll light our way if we have to do any night riding. My Postie is currently in Newcastle with James being modified for the trip.

The other thing that’s been happening this week is a flood of interviews, we’ve had The Land, Armidale Express and Prime News (I’ll put up a recording of that soon) all interview us this week giving us plenty of needed exposure and getting the message out there. So far the results have been great and we’ve had a lot of people saying they’ve either seen us in the paper or on the TV.

Our total amount raised has now passed the $2,000 mark but we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $10,000, so please feel free to donate at our Everyday Hero account and help hit that $10000 mark so Aussie Helpers can keep on helping rural families.

Article in the Armidale Express
Article in the Armidale Express
Our Prime News Interview
Our Prime News Interview
James' Postie is done
James’ Postie is done

IMG_2235 IMG_2234


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