Across the Plenty

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Day 6: Boulia – Jevous

The Plenty Highway has plenty of bull dust, plenty of corrugations and plenty of pot holes. But aside from all of that there isn’t much else, just shubs, grass and a few hill stops.
We left Boulia at about 7:30 and set off along the Donohue highway towards the border. The road was tarred in section with the rest being mostly fine except for a few chopped up sections where a couple of road trains had being bogged. The scenery ranged from scrub land to treeless plains that stretched to the horizon.
Two hours in we pulled over with James’ axel nut coming loose again. this simple issue caused a bit of a problem as we had off loaded all the tools and most of the other gear into the ute that was following a few hours behind. Luckily I did still have my fencing pliers in my saddle bag and pulled them out as soon as James’ was waiting under tree. I waited until I was done before telling James as people tend to get a bit jumpy when you go to tighten their nuts with fencing pliers (something about rounding them off and not getting them back off or something along those lines).
With the bike back running we headed off for the NT border and arrived their just after lunch, with a quick photo out of the way it onto Tobermory for lunch. We scoffed done a Tobermory microwave pie and then kept going on west checking the spokes as we went.
We arrived at Jevous later that afternoon making a quick refuel and talk about how they ended up with half a rocket in their yard before moving onto the Jevous river to camp.

Day 7: Jevous to Alice Springs

We left Jevous and headed straight into the bull dust, the graders had been through but hadn’t been able to move all the bull dust off the road and the trucks had only made it worse. The corrugations slowed us down a bit, but it was the deep bull dust that ended up sending me flying off the bike.
A while down the track I saw a bit of hill by the side of the road and thought it’d be good to get a photo of the bike at the top. I took the bike off the road and headed up the shallowest side I could find. While my chosen track may of been the shallowest it was still very steep and covered in loose rock making the ride up a tough one, but I made it. After reaching the top I got a quick photo before putting the bike in first gear and rolling back down the hill (And I wonder why I keep losing spokes).
We arrived in Alice earlier today and set to work repairing the bikes Achilles heel with James having one broken spoke while I had seven.
Tomorrow we plan on talking to Macca on Australia Allover before we head on up the Tanami Track to Halls Creek.















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