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The bikes are ready for the trip and with the departure date only five days away we’re getting excited for the trip.

We’ve moved forward our departure date by one day to Sunday the 15th of June and hope to leave Moree by 6am, travelling at at at speed of around 65km/h we plan on reaching Broome within 7-10 days.

Thanks to the donations of individuals we’ve raised over $3200.00 so far for Aussie Helpers, allowing them to continue the good work that they do for rural families and farmers that are doing it tough due to drought, fire or flood. If you would like to donate go to our donation page and click on the link or go straight to our Everyday Hero page.

My Postie is now complete and We’d like to thank Peter Hicks helping us to get the bikes ready for the trip, he’s done an amazing job and we’re sure they’ll stand up to the test on the track. We’d also like to thank all the other Adventure Postie Bike riders that have given us advice for the trip.

Martin with his Postie
Martin with his Postie
Martin's Postie complete with back rest, sheepskin seat covers, long range tank and fuel drums
Martin’s Postie complete with back rest, sheepskin seat covers, long range tank and fuel drums
Bikes loaded and ready to go.
Bikes loaded and ready to go.


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Things are moving along for us, we sent out our press release out our press release today (see attached below, please forward it on to anyone anyone who would be interested) and have already received a reply from our local ABC radio station who will be getting in contact with us shortly.

James went home to Newcastle over the weekend to work on his bike and made a lot of progress fitting the new fuel tank and moving the ignition giving the bike a total capacity of 15L and a range of over 350km. He has also fitted a heavy duty chain and a 16 tooth front sprocket to the bike to increase the top speed of his bike, however he is keeping the standard 45 tooth rear sprocket to reduce the strain on the engine. New heavy duty tires and tubes are also being fitted to reduce all those nasty punctures that we get out these outback roads.

While James has has done a considerable of work to his Postie he still has a little bit left to go including fitting the toolbox, wiring in the 12 volt charging point, fitting the panniers and building the frame for them to sit on.

After we’ve finished the modifications on James’ Postie we’ll be starting on mine.


East to West Postie Ride for Farmers Press Release

James’ bike is coming along with new furl tank and tires
The new fuel tank fits nicely